Getting Started

As you can see in the photo below. We have installed 1 by 4's on the fireplace. This will allow us to put 3/8" plywood over this application. So we will have something to nail or screw our sheet rock to. Without worrying about where the studs or supports are.

The 1 by 4's are applied to the brick with , all purpose liquid nail and a 1 1/2" concrete nail. You should apply the adhesive (the size of a golf ball every 12 or 14 inches and along the board at least half inch thick) on one side of the board. We only need to put enough nails in the brick for the 1 by 4 to hold firm to the wall so the liquid nail will adhere nice and tight. Don't worry about to much liquid nail on the board. The more the better.

The best place to put these nails is into the mortar joints if they will hold. If not then the brick will have to work. Please wear safety goggles when nailing concrete nails. Concrete nails have a tendency to spark and come off in very small pieces as one hammers the nail. There is a good possibility a nail will hit you in the eye while hammering these.

As you can see there is a big space from the fireplace box and the 1st board we have put up. Local code requires that no woodwork be inside of 12" of the firebox. So, check with your local building inspections for the proper distances.

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