The decision to cover a brick fireplace is not an easy one to make.
There are many reasons to cover up a brick fireplace. The brick is too dark,
discoloration from the sun, and when you move that picture that has been
hanging for so many years the outline from the picture is still there,
extensive use of the fireplace has caused smoke damage on the brick.

Covering up the brick will make your fireplace look more modern. Or up to date as some might call it. And once you’ve covered up the brick. The are numerous ways to finish out around a fireplace. To make it elegant and delightful to look at.

It is always good advice to consult with a reputable contractor. Which
includes a good carpenter, a licensed electrician, a tile contractor and trim carpenter to finish out your fireplace with a nice mantle or special trimming.

You should always plan a project like this in advance. We should know
where every board, nail etc. should go. This way we won't have any
problems as we put this project together. At this stage it is important to
know if your going to need electricity to your mantle or decorations. And
we recommend taking pictures along the way so if you can't find a electrical
wire etc. we will have something to fall back to and find whatever we're
looking for.

If you need help with some decisions such as colors and type’s of tiles,
tile grout color, Woodwork, trim. Stain or painted trim. Seek out a
decorator or someone you know that’s good with colors. I have been
working with decorators for over 30 years and have met some really good
ones. Prices vary.
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