Painting @ Home

For the 30 years that I have been in the Paint and Construction business. It amazes me how workers and homeowners ignore simple safety. While working on a job or just around the house doing simple little things. I have seen some pretty nasty injuries in other trades as they happened. And let me say it was hard to endure. Each and every one of them were stupid mistakes that could have easily been avoided. A serious injury to anyone could be very expensive and life changing in many ways. Lost work pay and a healthy future. And some injuries could even lead to Death. The main lesson here is take your time. Think about everything your going to do and proceed with caution.

Safety Tips
There are some very important safety tips a homeowner should be aware of. Ladders: Make sure you use the right ladder for the right footing. Uneven footing requires an extension ladder. Or folding a stepladder together and leaning it on the solid surface if the footing allows this. Depending on the height required of course.

Sharp Objects
I always point out to everyone! Do not put sharp objects in your pockets. This is a no brainer. But, forgetfulness is the culpit here. Get a bucket and put all your tools in to hang from a ladder. Would be alot better. And you will be thankful if something does happen.

Hazardous Chemicals
One of the most hazardous and dangerous chemicals you can get in to. Is interior STAIN. Rags are the most flammable after use. The rags become combustible just being exposed to the air. And when the rags are exposed to sunlight it is even more volatile. I have seen homes partially burn down or completely because of stain soaked rags! People have lost their lives by throwing their stain soaked rags in the trash can in a kitchen. My fathers truck almost burn up. Because the contractor threw stain soaked rags in a trash can in front of his truck. This was about 2pm. And by 3am the next morning they burst into flames. So, be CAREFUL with the products you use. And make sure you have plenty of ventilation in a enclosed room or enviroment.

In Conclusion
You may already know about some of the topics I have touched on in this article. We must never take anything for granted. Good organization and taking all the time you need to do a project. Is the BEST policy! Thanks for your very important time. Need advise? Drop us an email! Have a great day.

Donald W. Nixon